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The anatomy of a knife is not something that most people consider in detail, even when they use a knife every day either personally or professionally.  Before shopping for knives, it is a good idea to understand the basic parts and sections of a knife, which include the following: Blade, Edge, Point, Tip, Spine, Heel, Tang, Handle, Bolster, butt, and lastly the knife rivets or fasteners. What does knife tang mean?  The Tang is a key attribute of a knife and is often underappreciated. The tang is the section of the blade that is not sharpened and joins the blade edge to the handle. The tang is essential to the knife's overall balance, weight, stability, and strength. Knives with a 'full-tang,' which extends from the blade's end to the butt, are frequently regarded as the best. The tang of some knives also serves as the knife handle.

There are many types and brands of kitchen knives, also known as cutlery, but most fall into a main grouping or category of kitchen knives.  These include the chef knife, butcher knife (also known as a cleaver), carving knife, bread knife, pairing knife, boning knife, fillet knife, and utility knife. Some more specialized forms or sub-classes include Nakiri knives, Santoku knives, and tomato knives.

Both kitchen and tactical knives can be made of many materials, including stainless steel knife blades, ceramic knife blades, titanium knife blades, carbon steel blades, and last, but certainly not least, Damascus knife blades.  While not as common as some other blades, Damascus knives are truly a favorite amongst knife aficionados because of their combined reputation for both performance and appearance. Damascus steel is formed by hammering together two or more distinct alloys to create a strong steel with an elaborate, wavy pattern. This type of steel, which was first developed in medieval Damascus, has a long and illustrious history, and has been used to make knives, swords, and other weapons for hundreds or thousands of years. Although this type of metal is incredibly strong, robust, and sharp, it is also highly sought for its unique and stunning appearance. There are many resources to learn more about Damascus knives and Damascus blade technology

Most casual knife owners are aware of the two basic types of knife blades, which are straight blades and serrated blades, but few are familiar with the many types of knife blades that fall beneath those two main classifications.  While they range in frequency of use and practical application, a selection of the major types of specialized knife blades include: tanto knives, drop-point knives, gut hook knives, the clip-point knife blade, the sheepsfoot blade, the Wharncliffe blade, a Hawkbill knife blade (also known as a Talon Blade), Spey-point blade, the needle-point blade, trailing-point knife blade, and spear-point knife blade, amongst others. One brand who features knives with many of these specialized knife blade types is Spyderco, a leading in daily carry knives and professional knives that innovated and developed many advanced features that have been adopted across most folding knife brands. 

There are many great resources to learn about safe knife handling, the best knife maintenance practices, knife laws by state, and more.  A resource worth exploring is the American Knife & Tool Institute, which has a library of knife knowledge. Before purchasing a knife or traveling with one, be sure you are knowledgeable of local knife ordinances, state knife laws, and foreign knife legislation.  

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