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Art Collections. Beyond Art, a collectible is any object regarded as being of value or interest to a collector. Collectible items are not necessarily monetarily valuable or uncommon. They can range across many different categories:

  • Antique Furniture - Antique furniture is functional and very well made, which makes it highly collectible.
  • Vinyl Records - Some vinyl will be worth a lot and other records will only be worth what you paid.
  • Comic Books - Comic books might be for reading, but many limited prints are very valuable.
  • Coins & Currency - Coming across really expensive coins out of the blue is rare, but there is a world of currency to discover.
  • Dolls & Toys - There is an ebb and flow of the toy and doll collectible market, as some toys will go in and out of fashion. Limited edition toys are becoming more common with fictional Hollywood characters from globally relevant titles. 
  • Stamps - There may be more stamp collectors in the world than any other collector, it combines a love of art with a love of history. 
  • Fine Art & Jewelry - Passing down fine art and jewelry to the next generation is a highly sentimental thing because each collection speaks to the person who collected it.
  • Sports Memorabilia and the Sports Collectible market is booming.
Sports cards, new and old, now fetch upwards of millions of dollars. Whether you’re looking to purchase your first autographed NBA jersey, MLB modern or vintage trading card, throwback NFL helmet, a ticket or program from the Olympics or even a sports themes NFTs, there are many ways to get involved in the sports memorabilia and collectible market. Sports memorabilia can include photos, trading cards, jerseys, helmets, balls, bats and other sports equipment that is directly associated with an athlete, team, sporting event or sporting venue. These items can be autographed or not. Other collectibles like rare Pokémon cards have also leapt in value.

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