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Whether you are new to investing or a financial professional, there is always more to learn in order to become financially successful.  The whole concept of investing in stocks, investing in bonds, alternative investments, or even real estate investing can be intimidating for someone just beginning their financial journey.

One way that individuals frequently invest is through an online brokerage account.  An online  brokerage account is used to buy and sell securities such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Similar to a bank account, you can transfer money in and out of a brokerage account, but unlike banks, brokerage accounts also allow you access to the stock market and other investments. There are a variety of regulated brokerage firms where you can open a brokerage account, including full-service stockbrokers, low-fee online discount brokers, and middle-of-the-road investment services. A few of the most popular companies offering brokerage accounts for individuals are TD Ameritrade, Fidelity, and more recently, Robinhood

While there are many reputable firms who allow you to open an investment account and also provide great financial tools and investing education, there are also many investment scams that you should be leery of.  There is no firm rule, but anything that sounds too good to be true probably is, such as someone claiming you can invest $100 make $1000 a day or the genesis investing scam, along with the famous investment scams in Malaysia.  You should consider investing in financial education to increase your financial IQ and become less susceptible to such threats. A good financial education can also help you down the road to performance finance while at the same time helping you to better understand options for the best stocks to invest in now.  Many serious investors would caution beginners to avoid the potential traps of penny stocks and to not get caught up about ever thinking about penny stocks to invest in. A penny stock is a stock that trades for less than $5 a share and belongs to a small company. Many penny stocks trade for less than a dollar, or even for pennies, on stock exchanges that are not viewed in the same way as the NYSE or NASDAQ

While relatively new and often volatile, and therefor risky, cryptocurrencies have become popular investing and speculation vehicles in recent years.  A cryptocurrency is a virtual or digital currency that is protected by encryption, theoretically making counterfeiting and double-spending practically impossible. Many cryptocurrencies are rooted in decentralized networks built on blockchain technology, which involves a distributed ledger that is enforced by a distributed network of computers. Some of the most popular cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Binance, Stellar, and XRP (Ripple), amongst many more.  A small selection of currently lesser-known crypto currencies include Safe Moon Crypto, Elongate Crypto Polygon Crypto, Ada Crypto, CXC Crypto, and VRA Crypto.  As you can see from this handful of examples, the list is long and varied. 

While Bitcoin is considered the original cryptocurrency, there are now hundreds or thousands of digital currencies in circulation. Crypto is typically bought and sold through a cryptocurrency exchange platform, and then is stored in an online or cold storage crypto wallet.  One of the most popular crypto exchanges is Coinbase, which many consider to be the best crypto exchange. The Coinbase blog provides insight into the world of Crypto and the latest Crypto news through Coinbase News.

The world of digital currency can be both intimidating and fascinating.  If you are interested in learning more, we would suggest looking into things such as what is crypto mining? What are Crypto mining stocks? What is the Blockchain? How does crypto mining work? Why would I need a Crypto Mining Calculator?  What is Staking Crypto? Just remember, like with stock advice, you must be extremely careful with Reddit investing tips or others who supposedly have hot insight on what crypto to buy or the best crypto to invest 2022. Don’t be shy about investing in Crypto education before deciding to invest! 

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