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Golf is one of the greatest sports in the world, but if you are a new golfer, you may have many questions, ranging from detailed inquiries about clubs and equipment, down to the ever-present questions of “How do I get better at golf?” and “How do I lower my golf score?”  Let’s start by taking a look at the history of golf and some of the basics of the game. 

Some historians link the origins of golf back to the Roman game of paganica, in which players hit a stuffed leather ball with a bent stick. According to one theory, paganica spread through Europe throughout the first century BC when the Romans invaded much of the continent, gradually evolving into the modern game. Golf as we know it today began in Scotland in the 15th century. In 1764, the Old Course at St Andrews produced the 18-hole round. The Open Championship, also known as the British Open, is golf's first major and the world's oldest tournament. It was first held in 1860 at Prestwick Golf Club in Ayrshire, Scotland. The Masters, the U.S. Open, and the PGA Championship are the other three major championships of men's professional golf, both of which are held in the United States: The Masters, the U.S. Open, and the PGA Championship

The PGA Tour, based in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, is a non-profit organization and is the governing body for men's professional golf in the United States and North America. It is responsible for the majority of the events on the PGA Tour, as well as the PGA Tour Champions and the Korn Ferry Tour, as well as the PGA Tour China, PGA Tour Canada, and PGA Tour Latinoamérica. Since the tour's inception in 1929, tournament players have attempted to work independently of club professionals at different times.

A typical golfer's bag contains many different types of golf clubs. Woods, irons, hybrids, wedges, and putters are the five types of clubs that are commonly used in today’s game. The driver and fairway woods are included in the "woods" group of golf clubs. The woods have the biggest heads and the longest shafts of all the clubs. Even though their clubheads are no longer made of wood, they are still known as woods. Irons are generally arranged in numbered sets, ranging from 3-iron to 9-iron or pitching wedge. They are referred to as blades because they have smaller clubheads than woods, particularly in the front to back where they are comparatively very thin. While some irons have hollow heads, the majority have solid heads. The loft of an iron club increases as the number approaches 9, while the shaft length decreases. Hybrid clubs are a relatively new form of golf club. They only became popular around the turn of the century, despite the fact that they had existed for several years before that. A hybrid's clubhead is a cross between a wood and an iron. When a golfer uses hybrids, it is almost always to substitute long irons. Pitching wedges, gap wedges, sand wedges, and lob wedges, as well as other custom golf wedges, are among the wedges available. Wedges are a form of golf club, but they're also a subset of irons because they have the same clubheads as irons, but they're angled more severely for more loft. They have the highest loft and are used for shorter approach shots into greens, chips and pitches around greens, and playing out of sand bunkers. Putters are the most advanced golf clubs, with the largest range of shapes and sizes. On the putting greens, golfers use these clubs. Putters have more variations than any other club on the market. That may be because selecting a putter is such a personal experience. There is no such thing as a "perfect" putter. Simply put, there is a putter that is ideal for you.

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If you love golfing or are a fan of golf, you may want to check out some of the top-rated golf magazines to learn more about golf and keep up with the sport’s latest developments.  Check out Golf Digest, Golfweek, and Women’s Golf Journal.

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