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StoneSmith is considered by many to make the greatest concentrate vaporizer in the world, and it's proudly built in Canada. One of their signature products, the Stone Smith SLASH concentration luxury look vape pen, has a great reputation for flavor purity and ease of use, and many purchases come with a silicone container for transporting different dabs. If you are looking to upgrade your vaping experience and want to maximize your vape device savings, then look no further than StoneSmiths Cash Back from Hoopla Doopla, combined with other great offers. You can save on the best concentrate vaporizer 2021 with StoneSmiths discount codes and deals. The Slash is no ordinary concentrate vape pen, but rather an upgrade from the many sub-par vaping devices on the market. Glossy Gunmetal, Matte-Black, and Stainless Steel are the three finishes currently available for the StoneSmiths SLASH concentration vape pen package. An extra loading tool with a wider air intake, an extra silicone mouthpiece, a USB type C charging cable, a silicone portable dab & concentration container, and a heat protective band are included in the vaporizer set. A chamber, mouthpiece, dab pack, and other SLASH accessories are available. This November, consider upgrading your vaping device while savings with StoneSmith Black Friday Deals and StoneSmiths Cyber Monday Deals. Once you get and have your new vapor station set up, you will be wondering why you've been dealing with a dab torch or messing around with an outdated dab station for so long!

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