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The Top 10 Smartest Shoppers in Movie and TV History.

Hoopla knows a good bargain when we scour the entire internet for one (!), so we believe we are the right team to celebrate the exceptionally savvy shoppers from the world of film and television. These memorable characters have taught us valuable lessons about how to save money and make the most of every shopping experience. Some saved with class and others mixed in humor with their deals, but all of them are characters that we know would love cash back shopping and understand why it’s the best way to buy on the internet. 

Here is a list of the top 10 smartest shoppers in TV and Film history and people we think would definitely be Hoopla shoppers...

1. Clark Griswold - Vacation, European Vacation, Christmas Vacation

Clark has proven time and time again to be an elite level shopper and saver. He could have had the sporty blue wagon at peak pricing, but he negotiated his way into the Family Truckster which could hold the whole family plus Aunt Edna, and had no problem sailing 50 yards in the air. He booked an incredible family trip to Europe, staying at all the best places and still had enough to buy a high fashion wardrobe for the whole family. And of course, with the help of his Cousin Eddie he firmly negotiated his way from a Jelly of the Month Club into a brand new pool. Clark combines his midwestern sensibilities with a cosmopolitan view of consumerism, where anything can be had as long as you’re willing to shop a little smarter and we have no doubt that this family patriarch has the
Hoopla Browser Extension on his desktop at all times to make his wishes come true.

2. Jack Donaghy - 30 Rock

As the Vice President of East Coast Television and Microwave Oven Programming for General Electric on 30 Rock, Jack Donaghy was always looking for ways to save money and cut costs. He had no qualms about stretching a dollar as far as possible. Whether it meant buying items in bulk or finding deals on clearance items at his favorite store, Price Club (which eventually became Costco), he strived to get maximum value for every purchase he made. He was sometimes a corporate conservative stereotype, sometimes a true friend, but every time utterly hilarious and super savvy when it came to savings. As Jack says “I’ve got two ears and a heart, don’t I?”. Yeah, a deal making heart. Jack for sure would make Hoopla his first stop before he buys anything office related so he knows he’s always winning the savings game. He is a true champion deal finder.

3. Cindy Mancini - Can’t Buy Me Love

Rest in peace Amanda Peterson. We’ll pour out a little wine in your honor, hopefully not on a designer dress. Cindy was the most popular girl in high school and it turns out she was also the savviest when it came to shopping. She had borrowed her mother's expensive suede outfit without permission to wear to a party, only to have wine accidentally spilled on it. When it comes time to either pay full price or find a deal, Cindy agrees to help Ronald Miller (perennial high school outcast) look "cool" by posing as his girlfriend for 1 month for $1,000 - the exact amount she needs to replace the ruined outfit. Some might call it grifting, but there’s no doubt it’s the smartest way to buy when you’re trapped in Tucson, Arizona with no internet and no Hoopla. Cindy, some may call you materialistic but you learned a valuable lesson… it’s always more fun to make money while you shop! 

4. Michael Bluth - Arrested Development

Whenever Michael needed something for his family's housing development business or his son George Michael’s school needs, he never failed to look around for bargains wherever he could find them. Whether it was getting discounted office furniture via Craigslist or finding the best deal on paint supplies through comparison shopping online, this Bluth brother was the smartest shopper in the Sudden Valley subdivision. As Michael would say: “I’m used to a car with some stares.” He would definitely be getting those stares in spades with all the Hoopla cash back rolling into his bank account. Even if it’s mostly being used to pay for Bluth’s Original Frozen Banana Stand. Mr. Bluth, you are what we would call a Hoopla Hero.  

 5. Thelma Dickinson and Louise Sawyer - Thelma & Louise

Two iconic characters with a cult following, but also two people that knew how to stretch a dollar. These two pals were always thinking outside of the box when it came to saving money while they were on the run from law enforcement. They used their wits, charm, and creativity to score discounts whenever they could—including pretending they were married so they could get a better deal at a hotel. As much as Thelma and Louise were masters at solving their spending issues, something tells us they would gladly plug in the Hoopla Browser Extension in order to outsmart internet shopping, especially in the hunting and fishing category. And definitely in the hotel and travel category.  

6. Harry Dunne and Lloyd Christmas - Dumb & Dumber

Go ahead and see if you are smart enough to get cash from a headless bird! Here’s the next dynamic deal making duo. With savvy shopping skills and a mostly dimwitted life strategy, Lloyd and Harry were able to get a buddy dog grooming business off the ground with the legendary Shaggin Wagon AND wheel and deal their way to a gas efficient scooter that got them across the country (TWICE!). One thing to admire about Harry and Lloyd is that oftentimes saving money is perceived as being cheap, however that’s not the case with Mr. Dumb & Mr. Dumber (or Hoopla members for that matter!) who have very expensive tastes and would love Hoopla’s 5000+ brands including them most popular brands. And the best part is you won’t have to leave a bunch of IOU notes, because with the Hoopla Browser Extension they’ll be paying you to shop… whether you’re booking a trip to Aspen (“I’m talkin' about a place where the beer flows like wine, where the women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano”) or buying a matching set of super sweet creamsicle tuxedos. 

7. Alfred Pennyworth - Batman

We know that Bruce Wayne is one of Gotham City’s wealthiest citizens but even he knows how important it is to shop smartly! When Bruce fell upon hard times after being exiled abroad following his parents' death, he quickly learned how carefully one must manage their funds in order to survive and was forced to choose thriftier options. It’s not easy for someone born into immense privilege to add deal hunting to their bag of tricks. We say all this because when Bruce needed to find an associate, he wanted someone with those same sensibilities. Cue Alfred Pennyworth aka Pennyworth. Not only was he able to cook up the most innovative paramilitary toys, but he also knew the best way to save on machine parts and get free (very discreet) shipping to the bat cave! Bruce is a busy and emotional guy who can’t always be trusted to take care of himself, so Alfred is involved in most of the wardrobe shopping and all of the technology shopping. We assume Hoopla is bookmarked on Pennyworth’s highly secure servers, so he can save big on Bruce’s spending habits and get a little cash back to blow on quantum physics textbooks at Gotham’s best bookstore.   

8. Morty Seinfeld - Seinfeld

Jerry’s dad was famous for thinking that products sold on the streets were cheap because they were “hot”, i.e. stolen. Who doesn’t love a steal of a deal? Morty was a quirky guy (he hated the sound of Velcro), but he also was ingenuitive with his invention of the beltless trench coat, aka “The Executive.” All this to say, we have to believe that Morty would be a Hoopla Browser Extension user. He loves saving a buck and loves innovation - well, here it is, the next generation of shopping and saving on the internet. And even though Morty never wanted his son to pay for lunch, he absolutely would love to get paid to shop! 

9. Dorothy Zbornak - Golden Girls

We’re taking it waaaay back, but this is the reigning champion in the sport of savings. Dorothy Zbornak is an absolute master when it comes to cleverly stretching her retirement budget! From couponing strategies like clipping out newspaper ads before grocery shopping trips or arguing for senior citizen discounts at restaurants or movie theaters, Dorothy has proven herself time and time again as an expert at getting great bargains wherever she shops. Dorothy didn’t have the luxury of shopping on the internet, and even if she did nobody loved to barter in person more than Dorothy so she may have just bypassed the convenience. But something tells me that once she realized that somebody was paying her to shop (hello Hoopla!) and she had a technology that scanned for the best coupon codes every second of every day, she would realize quickly that she could spend more time with the girls that are golden than having to clip coupons and argue prices. 

10. Oprah Winfrey - The Oprah Winfrey Show

You get a car! And you get a car! And you get a car! We didn’t say it had to be a fictional character. Let’s face it, nobody loves to shop for her loyal audience more than Oprah. She is the real life Santa Claus, handing out the best buys for her fleet of mom fans. Oprah is the world’s most famous curator of products; across her TV show, podcasts, websites and magazines she selects her faves and those faves become the world’s faves overnight! She is also one of the smartest women on the planet, so we have to assume that she’s a smart shopper too. Plus, Oprah doesn’t just buy item by item… she is buying in bulk for an unbashful group of high pitched screamers. We can’t confirm if Oprah is one of Hoopla’s thousands of users, but with a packed schedule that doesn’t offer much downtime for deal hunting, Oprah for sure is the Hoopla type and will more than likely download the Hoopla Browser Extension right after reading this glowing blog post! Also, Hoopla is a leader in smarter bulk buying (more for resellers than gift givers) but we make it easy to save the most money on the internet for multi-item purchasers. 

Apologies to everyone from Montgomery Brewster to Cher Horowitz (Rakuten spokesperson even though Hoopla has twice as many awesome brands!) who are all impressive shoppers, but just missed the cut in our top 10 list. If you know of other omissions, feel free to follow us on instagram and leave a comment.

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