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Do you wonder why does my dog poop so much? Are you worried can dog poop make you sick? If those are your questions, then you have come to the right place. Sprinkle and Sweep is the greatest and simplest new option for dealing with nasty pet mishaps since it transforms the process into a no-touch, odorless operation. Simply sprinkle the powder over the pet mishap to reduce the stink and solidify the liquids nearly instantaneously. Then sweep the product and mess into your dustpan and throw it away. No more picking up the mess with many paper towels, feeling the nasty texture and moisture through the paper, and inhaling the foul odor. With components and materials obtained from the United States and manufacturing in Southern California, the product is non-toxic and suitable for both humans and dogs. This is a family-owned business that is enthusiastic about pets and absorbent products. Save BIG on the best pet accident deodorizer with Hoopla Sprinkle & Sweep Cash Back! Sprinkle-sweep.com offers an innovative Pet Accident Deodorizer that instantly absorbs all sorts of accidents and spills. Sprinkle and Sweep traps unpleasant odors, is an eco-friendly by-product, and leaves no residue! One bag of Sprinkle & Sweep will last you for 40 uses and is easy to use! The Best Pet Cleanup of 2022. Sprinkle & Sweep Promo Codes and Coupons unlock Discounts at checkout on eligible purchases. Subscribe and save on a 4-pack case and pay $37.97 less at checkout. Discover Black Friday Deals and limited-time Coupon Codes on Single Bag and 4-Pack Cases of Sprinkle & Sweep. Enjoy free shipping and cancel anytime - 100% satisfaction guaranteed! A 2 week Sprinkle & Sweep auto-delivery makes the best Mother’s Day Gift. Use it on all spills and kill the unpleasant odor from your pet’s mess.

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