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About Grip2u's one-of-a-kind cases have a flexible band that gently keeps your phone in your palm, allowing you to text, type, swipe, snap, and post while avoiding costly drops! Forget about that makeshift DIY phone strap you have been using and explore customer favorites like Grip2u iPhone 11, the Prevent the Drop phone case lineup, and other phone finger band models from Grip2ü. Save on phone cases that are crafted to make you feel confident with Hoopla Grip2u Cash Back. Their phone cases are crafted to make you feel confident that you won’t drop your most prized possession - your cell phone. Let’s face it, dropping your phone is a part of the gig. They are here to simplify - they know you’ve got your hands full. Today’s smartphones are bigger and more beautiful than ever, and in turn more difficult to use and brutally expensive. They believe in a proactive approach to phone protection. Prevent the Drop before it happens, and enjoy all the functionality your device offers, worry free. Their cases are made of the highest quality polycarbonate and TPU for maximum shock resistance. Each model goes through extensive drop testing to guarantee the best. Save on high quality phone cases with Grip2u Deals and Discount Codes. Shop deals on good looking cases using Grip2u Online Coupons and Coupon Codes. Explore savings on protective phone cases with Grip2u Promo Codes and Rebates. As phones continue to evolve it is their goal to protect your investment. From their original iPhone 6+ three piece design we built on a 3D printer to today’s dual injected cases built with state of the art material, they continue to push to be even better. Save on the perfect christmas present for girls with Grip2u Black Friday Deals, Cyber Monday Deals, and Holiday Sales.

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