Enjoy up to 72% Discount off Custom Canvas Prints with Hoopla Doopla and CanvasDiscount.com

By Gerald LeGarde
November, 2013

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Online photo canvas printing shop CanvasDiscount.com and cash-back shopping website Hoopla Doopla introduces up to 72% discount off custom canvas prints and 15% cash back this Christmas.

Save money while shopping plus enjoy up to 72% off custom canvas prints with cash-back shopping website Hoopla Doopla and online canvas printing service CanvasDiscount.com’s latest offering.

For a limited time only, with the coupon code “HOOPLACANVAS”, customers get up to 72% off their orders by visiting http://CanvasDiscount.com. To top it off, customers enjoy further savings, getting 15% of their purchase back through Hoopla Doopla’s cash back shopping model.

The revenue sharing site passes on to its members more than half of the marketing commission it gets on purchases accessed through its site. By working together with partner shops, Hoopla Doopla helps customers stretch their dollar even while shopping.

The partnership deal between Hoopla Doopla and CanvasDiscount.com also heralds the online photo canvas shop’s month-long run as Featured Merchant.

“One of the big trending gifts this Christmas is photo canvases – you take some of those pictures that you have of scenes, your children, family and put them up on photo canvases. This Christmas, we’re cooperating with CanvasDiscount.com on this special deal that helps our members save on their custom canvas prints while getting a head start on their holiday shopping,” said Hoopla Doopla Co-Founder Frank DeBlasi.

Customers turn treasured snapshots into gallery-worthy, ready-to-hang canvas art by uploading their favorite family portraits, holiday pictures and landscape panoramas onto http://CanvasDiscount.com. By personalizing them with a host of digital effects and frame options, customers create original canvas prints that are perfect as Christmas gifts or outstanding pieces of home décor.

“Our custom canvas prints are enthusiastically hand-crafted and attentively printed with the most vivid colors that bring your homes to life. We’re so proud to have our custom canvas prints represented by Hoopla Doopla. Hoopla Doopla’s cash back deals serve customers wonderfully, letting them get the best deal on their canvas prints,” said Gerald LeGarde of the CanvasDiscount.com Business Development team.

To get up to 72% off your custom canvas prints and enjoy 15% cash back, visit http://hoopladoopla.com/stores/canvasdiscount.com.

About CanvasDiscount.com

CanvasDiscount.com is an online canvas printing service offering custom-made photos on canvases already stretched on the frame. It offers the lowest prices and highest quality on the web, backed by its 100% Money Back Guarantee.

About Hoopla Doopla Inc.

Hoopla Doopla, Inc. is a leading cash back shopping website, providing coupon codes, discounts, daily deals and cash back from over 2000 online stores. They exist to provide a better overall online shopping experience, and to put money where it belongs - In people’s pockets!

Hoopla is paid a marketing commission for each purchase made through their site by their members. More than half of that commission goes to the member, IN CASH! It's that simple. The amount earned is based on the net purchase amount, which excludes shipping and taxes. Hoopla Doopla members are paid by direct deposit via PayPal or by check.

Hoopla Doopla, Inc. is based in Dover, Delaware.

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